There is nothing I like more then BOOZE! I have tried drugs in my time but I’m not addicted to them. I don’t and haven’t been doing drugs for a good while now! I don’t plan on it either…I’m a booze lover lol!

I would love to just come home and crack a nice COLD BEER! Especially after working in my shit hole job with bi-polars from hell! Well….like you can see in this picture below here lol! Me enjoying a nice cold beer while being on the phone with my annoying brother! It helps me get through stressful situtations sometimes, Im sure you can agree right? it says in the image, it’s alot cheaper then getting a therapist after handling all the bullshit one has in his/her life! I know alot of people can agree with this lmao! Well..mmm…there are some out there that think… will just wake up the next day with the same problems and blah blah blah! Well! To that I say….FUCK YOU! You must not really be a drinker then or something.

Your just a wanna be philospher with nothing better to do then just ruin someone’s buzz before they even start drinking. Do you think we are that stupid…? Do you really think when a drinker wants to get drunk for a night, he thinks that his problems are all going to go poof!? You must be fucking RETARDED THEN LOL!! We KNOW this! We are not retarded like you are!

To us…it’s a night of relaxing and having fun and what not! It’s a thing to do to help release us from the stress temporarily. Damn! And it is fucking awesome, maybe them philospher wanna be’s should party with me sometime lmao! I had a few BIG parties out at my Gram’s Farm house already hehe! About 30 people or so, 6 or so cases of beer, vodka and other liquers.  Blasted the stereo loud…girls getting all shit faced and dancing, boy was it fun! Well..believe or not I just got shit-faced lastnight to LOL!! Damn I needed that lmao!

Well..that’s all for this post! Again! BOOZE it up! Have fun! Get laid to! Drink one for me please! Later all!


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