Css Is Great!!…

I’m so fucking sick of this website making ordeal anymore! It’s not like it use to be really! You can’t just make a website anymore and be happy with it…noo!! Now you gotta make the damn thing compatible with 40,000 other different browsers to! This is because the retards that made each browser, has problem displaying each codes or whatever as is….it’s like jesus fucking christ! Take the following below example for instance:

(I took this screenshot of a guy’s site while viewing it in IE6 and I guess he had Mozilla or something. Any fucking way..most images showed up in the Mozilla browser from what he said, but you can see by my commentary that it wasn’t really in mine LOL!)

I dunno… I just think this whole thing with making your site compatible with all the browsers is HORSE-SHIT and a waste of precious time! Can’t anything just be simple anymore!!?? God Damn It!!… I had to get that off my chest LOL!! 


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