Mowing the grass is a pain in the Ass!


It seems like every 2 to 3 days you have to get out the fucking lawn mowers and waste all that $2.00 a gallon of gas just to mow the damn grass!

IT WOULD BE NICE IF IT DIDN’T FUCKING RAIN ALL THE DAMN TIME! JESUS! The god damn grass just keeps growing and growing and shit, you can’t even have a break from mowing the stupid lawn! Before too long I’ll be having to mow the grass in my sleep! Wake up with grass stains and clippings all over the place!

I just wish someone would invent the ultimate grass cutter or leveler! I hope in the future like anything else you can buy that makes your life easier, they would invent the DIAL THE GRASS, or THE LAWN LEVELER! This would be fucking awesome, because…all you’d have to do is some how install a main control panel inside your home and turn a dial or push a button and the grass just lowers under the ground!

You could have a level system to! Just put it on height level of 3 and push the button or turn the dial till the grass goes under the ground to suit your liking! DAMN! I would love it! The products selling motto (slogan) would be like some of the following I made up below here:

1) Don’t let the grass kick your ass! buy the DIAL THE GRASS!

2) Now you can kick the grass’s ass by using DIAL THE GRASS!

3) Don’t be a dumbass, buy DIAL THE GRASS!

4) Save your gas by buying DIAL THE GRASS!

Shit! I think it would awesome! I can’t wait for someone to make this up some day. I think it will be to, because everyone is about being LAZY! Even with taking care of the lawn. These days even the lawn-care products are making life easier for everyone! I dunno, I’m going to think of a way to make this possible and if I come up with something, I’ll share it with you! Well! I’m done…I gotta go mow the fucking lawn again! Laterz!

(Please note: I’m sure I’m going to have Robbie replying to this post or some other dumbass that thinks they know everything about anything! Please save your breath and keep your fucking mouth shut! I know what you could do, come mow my grass so I don’t have to!)


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