Don’t waste your money on Nads-Hair Remover…


It’s basically super-glue in disguise! I think they just collected a shitload of superglue, changed the coloring of it a bit and changed the labeling on it! I know this has been out for awhile and they had millions of suckers buying this shit.

But I was just thinking about it again, because my damn facial hair keeps growing in and it pisses me off….and I remembered the first time I tried NADS -THE FACE REMOVER! Rather then hair remover! That’s what it should really be called! If you want a nice smooth face, try NADS -THE FACE REMOVER! It removes all your facial hair, pimples and your face all in ONE!

Don’t be a dumbass anymore and waste $20.00 to $30.00 for Nads! Do you know how many tubes of super-glue you can get for that kind of money!? Just imagine! Well….my pap is always asking….Where is my super-glue? And I tell him…just use Nads! It works just the same but better! Well, even to this day were still using that same old mini bucket of Nads for necessary household issues! I bought that probably a year or two ago lol! It also works great for bonding things together. I think the last thing we bonded together was a broken rider mower axle! Damn! That saved us a shitload of money on a welding bill!

Anyways…if you continue to buy NADS -THE FACE REMOVER! YOU ARE JUST PLAIN STUPID! You’ll eventually realize it when your in the hospital getting plastic surgery because your face was removed! Well, for those that kept trying it should know what I’m talking about lol! I think everyone on the globe fell for this bullshit…but not anymore! FUCK OFF N DIE NAD MAKERS, SUCK AND LICK MY NADS! BITCHES! I’m done….


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