666 The Mark Of The Beast!


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As it says in one of the chapters of the book of Revelations, from the Bible. No one will be able to buy, sell or trade without the “Mark Of The Beast”! Now, with all that biometric chip identifiers coming out, alot of people are thinking this will be the “Mark Of The Beast” being that it will:

1) Be placed under the skin…

2) Contain all of your information, credit cards, accounts, your id in general and contain numbers assigned to you supposedly equalling to the number of 666! Here is an example number I had seen from some other site before, I can’t think of the name right now nor find the link! Anyways… here: 666 110 570 XXX-XX-XXXX

Now the 666 of course being first or last! Maybe even a number equalling to 666.

110= the country code or whatever

570=is the area code of where you live

XXX-XX-XXXX=being your social security number

3) Allow you to buy or whatever, or not allow you to buy and shit. I had seen a tv commercial like 2 or so years ago while watching TechTv…it was a guy going into the grocery store, stuffing food and such down his trench coat….then while just walking out the door the alarm went off and the security guard goes….here sir, you forgot your reciept! I haven’t seen it lately though, but it was by Applied Digital Solutions. The product by them is well known as Veri-Chip! Mostly used for tagging cattle and such. But they are now putting that out for humans for id chips! A family in California had it done to them so far, a NJ surgeon had it done, a lady in Canada had it done, has one in the left hand for a fake ID and the real ID in the right hand! Also tying into this, when that Hard Truth Wake Up America site was still up, they had posted on there about the Database being used for storing people’s ID’s was located in Brussels, Germany ….known as “THE BEAST”!

Here is the links to those sites and sites related to this shit!





The world is coming to an end and it won’t be long before Christ comes back for his peoples! There is more to this, but I’m going to let it open for who-ever, to reply with their opinions, suggestions and such. Well, I’m done, if you have any comments on this, please share them….laterz

(P.S…I almost forgot..it would cost you $200.00 to get it done, plus pay a $10.00 a month database storage fee! Now for me, I only bring in a shitty $400.00 a month, and I wouldn’t waste my damn money on a piece of shit SATANIC TECHNOLOGY anyways! And I couldn’t even handle the $10.00 a month for the database fee! Well, they also said, if you hurry up and be the first 100,000 DUMBASS SUCKERS to get it done, they will give you $50.00 OFF! WOW! I wanna just run down there and spend $150.00 dollars on my sure ticket to HELL! WELL! I AM PROBABLY GOING THERE ANYWAYS, FUCK IT RIGHT HAHAHA! MY AS WELL GET IT DONE! LOL! Naa…just kidding!)


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