New Site Layout 97% Done!


I know alot of time has gone by and not much content has been added yet, to the main site that is. But, it will be slowly… but surely! I don’t know about you, but I am one that can’t stand to have one layout all the time. I need change after so long!

I have also been looking for a new way of making the layout so it’s not using too many tables and images. This new layout uses tables and images, but I don’t think it does near as much as what I have now. This new layout is using javascript menus to, which makes it nicer. This time, I have found javascript menus that work great in IE and Mozilla. So I hope it will be ok for most other browsers to.

I am also getting rid of some main site pages! Here below is the pages that won’t be included in the new layout! I’m doing this to help cut down on using too much bandwidth. Anyways…here is the current site pages that won’t be up for next layout:

Just Bitches

Some Feelings


Now, I don’t really need the above pages for anything really. After all!…most of the topics related to bitches and feelings are mixed in with my rants. And the main page, is pretty much just skipped being that all my page links are going to be in the menus on every page. So, I don’t need them three pages. Also, I might even add a page in the future.

On that page, I was thinking about selling some of my layouts, being that I put so much time into them and I sure could use the money towards my site’s hosting payments and such. The templates page will also be good, because I can add my phpBB forum templates there to. Of course they will be free! Anyways..I just thought I’d let everyone know about my site’s layout progress. I’m also planning on adding this theme to the Plog as well as the forums when I get the chance. That’s all, that’s it….no more shit! I’m out…laterz….


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