If you had three wishes…

What would you wish for? Well…I had thought about that before. I’d have to say the three would be these below here. Then below that would be what I would do with them all.


2) INFINITE LIVES ( Would never die!)

3) INFINITE SUPER-POWERS ( Just like Superman! Or Super-Poop I mean lol!)

Well…the first wish is pretty much self explainitory. I would never run out of wishes! So I could even wish while sleeping and they would come true! How cool would that be lol? Damn that would fucking awesome! Now, I could wish for alot of things and they would happen….but what fun would that be all the time? Like for example, If I wished for infinite peace on Earth among Countries and shit, how much fun would that be if I just say the magic words and POOF! IT’S DONE! It would be pretty damn boring right? Don’t get me wrong though….the wishes would come in handy for other things though..

But, on to wish number 2! This is pretty easy to figure out to lol. Unless your just a dumbfuck or something…anyways… Your prolly wondering why I didn’t wish for infinite money, or for cars or houses and shit. WELL! THEY CAN ALL BE COVERED WITH WISH NUMBER 1 DUH! Well, even with wish number 3, if ya wanna be a fucking evil super bastard! hahaha!

Now, with wish number 3! I would make things a little more fun with my new SUPER-POWERS! I would first take out all the damn Presidents of the Countries by flushing them down the shitter where they belong! Then I would take over everything. All the damn terrorists and shit, I would take them all and throw them into the Sun and let them burn! Because they all wasted flesh to start with. They must have all been made when God was running low on flesh or something, just slapped them into the mold machine and pressed the WHO GIVES A SHIT BUTTON! Whatever comes out, comes out. Or maybe even when he was on the shitter….he just said…well that turd is just about the right size and color for an IRAQI bastard!

Anyways…I would then take over all the banks, businesses and shit like that! Don’t get me wrong though, your money and businesses would still be your’s. I’m not that greedy lmao. I just want the feeling of POWER! I should be aloud to “play” PUPPET MASTER once in awhile right?

I will add more to this post then. But….what would you do if you had these powers? If ya want, post some of your ideas. I think it would be cool. I’m done for now…ta ta!


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