A For-Warning Before Uploading The New Site Layout:

– If you DO NOT have Javascript enabled on your shitty web browsers, I would suggest doing so NOW! The reason for this is, I will be using javascript based menus and scripts in the new site layout.

– If I were you! I would use Mozilla or IE 5 or Higher to view my site! I have not checked it with any other browsers yet, so I dunno how it will turn out for others, using various different browsers!

– Just to let you know, the new layout will be uploaded very soon! The only thing is, I still have alot images to work on yet for it! With me getting this new job, it’s really going to cut into my internet time!

This is why I am going to be uploading it way before it’s really totally done! I have put the uploading of it off, for how long now, and I feel that I am robbing you bitches of it! Hahaha..naa..but…yeah! It really should have been uploaded a few weeks ago!

– I know I had said that the content will be coming with the uploaded new layout, but even that will be coming slowly but surely! I have been really busy lately with the home life, that I don’t always have the time to keep everything updated like it should! I am sorry for this, but…like the old saying goes: ALL GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME!

– I am also currently working on a new theme for the forums! This new theme is already in progress, using some of the images from the site’s new layout! As soon as I get it situated just right, I’ll be directing everyone there, and the Community board will be going down! (Please note: That them changes are not being done in here, it’s another board I had put up on this domain name, that no one knows about yet lol!)

– I will be adding new pages to the new layout, and some will be deleted! The reason for this is, to try and get rid of pages that I don’t think will be of any real use to anyone! They will pretty much just eat up bandwith for nothing!

– I am also going to try and make up various new things to get my visitors more involved, rather then just browsing the site and leaving again! Why have a site that people come to, to just look around and leave lol!? When they can be more envolved and even get themselves noticed!

Some of my ideas are below here:

1) Having the top referring sites on the index page rather then just having all the links on the links page! I have various sites linking to mine already, and bringing me hits. But, I have them mixed in on the links page, which shouldn’t be!

If you like my site and want to do exchange links, please send me an email or something! I DO NOT WANT ANY CHEATER BASTARDS LOL! You know! The people that just repeatedly click my site link on their site, while not sending me any of their visitors! Or just refreshing the page over and over again LOL!

2) Another thing is, I hope to or plan on having a way for visitors to share their ideas on my rants and site content! Since my site got the new domain name, my Alexa rank went from 5,000,000 something to 200,000 something within a few months! And I haven’t heard any complaints or anything in general! So, I wanna have a testimonials section then to! This will also allow the visitors to get noticed more! It will include their comments on the site as well as having a link to their site!

Along with this idea is, to have a way for visitors to email their rants about people that piss them off or rants that they want to have noticed by the visitors! You can email your rants, sarcastic comments, jokes or whatever and I will post them up there with mine! Also! Please include your site’s link or email addys, so I can add them under each of your rants, sarcastic comments, jokes and what not!

3) I am also planning on selling some of my site layouts! This is going to help other people out and also help me out, by me being able to pay my host for hosting payments. I know how it is to need a site or a layout and yet, don’t have much time to make your own shit! Don’t worry people! I’m not going to ask much for them lol!

5) Basically anything you could do to help make this site HUGE would be great! And at the same time, you’ll be given full credit of your work! As well as having your site link added to whatever you contribute! This site is getting noticed alot more and I just don’t have the time lately to be able to supply everyone with content! My life is really bogging me down more then ever lately, it FUCKING SUCKS ASS! But, what can ya do lmao!?

Anyways…I have a few more ideas, but I already wrote a god damn book! Again, if you could in any way shape or fucking form help this site out! It would be AWESOME! And you will be credited as well as being noticed! Your site’s link will be added to everything you do! I hope to have more visitors contributing to this site in the future.

I am posting this a few days in advance of the actual uploading of the new site layout! This will help get people ready for it as well as give me some more time to get certain pages ready and images done! Thanks for your time. And I can’t wait until I get it uploaded….and I’m sure you can’t either!

Site Owner- Twisted

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