Program Houze board is up again…

You know that phpBB board I was talking about maybe putting up? Well, here is the piece of shit LOL! I decided to put it up on my server, because the lycos server SUCKS COCK! Here is the old location for it:

And here below is the new location for it:

I know it’s not one of my themes, but, fuck it! I know I still have a shitload of stuff to fix and edit yet, but it will get done here and there when I have time. Also, the owner of that theme knows I’m modifying his theme so don’t bother sending him an email. Well…if you don’t trust me bastards, here is the topic I started at his board! SO THERE FUCK-NUTS!

If you’d like to join it, please feel free! I know no one has really posted there in a good while, but that is because of the shitty ass lycos server and everyone probably just gave up on it because lycos screws it up while being on it. Who knows! Fuck it! Anyways….I hope to get that layout and images done soon. Ta ta…


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