MSN Chat logs #2


Trist : My brother 😀
Trist : sup?
Twisted -: checking email
Trist : nto gonna stay long? :'(
Twisted -: i dunno lol..prolly a little bit
Trist : 🙂
Trist : I’m making a design
Trist : and i dunno how it is, could you say what to change/make better? 🙂
Twisted -: i suppose
Trist :  (link removed incase it’s still not up)
Trist : how dous it look so far ? anything i  should change? i dunno if the girl fits in :S
Trist : on the bottum
Twisted -: looks good to me bro…i wouldn’t change anything… 😉
Trist : realy?
Trist : BTW you code like bom! can i make it resizing? 🙂
Twisted -: make what resizing
Trist : the layout
Twisted -: i suppose i dunno man…
Trist : lol
Trist : you code good so i tought you knew stuff like that :P:)
Twisted -: in lamin terms….can you do my work for me…..
Trist : me?
Twisted -: no ….your neighbor adolf
Trist : how did you know that he is named like that? :||
Twisted -: hahaha……lucky guess i suppose
Trist : :^^
Trist : what kind of work?
Trist : i need to have a good idea what to make before i can make it tho… its my 1st decent layout in a long time, i tink so tho…:)
Twisted -: look cockjuggler, send me your weed and no one gets fuckin hurt
Twisted -: lmao!
Twisted -: i thought you just made a layout……omg
Twisted -: or you just made something
Trist : i made that layout i showed you last
Twisted -: why do you need a good idea of what to make when ya already made it LOL!1……..
Trist : Twisted – zegt: in lamin terms….can you do my work for me …..<= why did you say that? ?
Trist : :^)
Twisted -: hitler tells me to say things
Trist : what work do i need to do for you!? :S
Twisted -: NONE GOD DAMN IT!….. i was referring to YOU because I thought you wanted me to code shit for YOU      because YOU don’t know how to!
Trist : ah 😛
Trist : dunno
Trist : i think i can make it work
Trist : i hope so 😛
Twisted -: you’ll get it then….if you want to learn shit…. GOOGLE for it LOL!!….. that’s how i did it
Twisted -: (thumb)
Trist : 🙂
Trist : hows your site?:)
Twisted -: he’s doing fine….he got shit faced lastnight while i was at work…then he had some good  “red bud” weed…. after all that he got dirvorced from his bitch ex wife…then he met someone else and fucked her silly…. he had a fun past week or so…. how’s your’s doing?
Trist : down
Trist : 🙂
Trist : both 😛
Trist : D-zine and bmx site:)
Twisted -: ah
Twisted -: i think im going to put up a porno forum along with some other shitty forums again LOL!
Trist : lol
Trist : good for you sunny
Twisted -: did u ever porn before lmao!!
Twisted -: haha
Trist : ?
Twisted -: are smoking some good dope….weed or something over there….. i thought my brain was fried…holy hell
Trist : :^^
Twisted -: LOL!1…… remember! PUFF PUFF PASS! PUFF PUFF PASS!!
Trist : *-)
Trist : ^o)
Twisted -: your just an assclown with nuts on your face LOL!!
Trist : woot! 😀



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