MSN Chat logs #3

Trist : hey hey
Twisted -: hey hey my ass
Trist : ok
Trist : hey hey ass
Twisted -: hahaha….you little brother nazi bastard you! lol!!!!
Trist : 🙂
Trist : sup?
Twisted -: not much prick
Twisted -: just drinking vodka….and getting me one new board ready
Twisted -: hahaha
Twisted -: you there fuck nut
Trist : gotta go
Trist : cya
Twisted -: o you fucker you
Twisted -: why you going now god damn it
Twisted -: you going to be back on again then soon
Twisted -: ?????????????????
Trist ~The peg, Your Friend!~ ~schuld gevoel~ is now Away (idle)
Trist : yes
Trist : cya soon
Twisted -: ok laters

Jesus, the convos we have…but…..who gives a fuck lol. It’s fun.. haha…


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