Another reason not to drink and drive…


Well…the people I’m buying that car from, want me to get atleast…BASIC FULL COVERAGE for on the car…which is understandable. So, I called the “cheapest” insurance company around my area…and asked them how much it would cost me for like the Basic Full Coverage…and the insurance agent said…. like: $300.00 to $360.00 a month!

I was like: HOLY SHIT! WHAT THE HELL!!?? JESUS FUCKING MAXIMUS CHRIST! Naa…but, I was like HOLY HELL! I told the insurance agent…that’s prolly why the car was setting there for sale then lol…and he started laughing…saying: yeah probably. But, he said it was partly from my DUI I got and that…the car itself is an expensive car. I was like FUCKING HELL!

O well…fuck it. I wasted more then that a month on a shitty ass car, fixing it all up and then wrecking it not long after haha….shit. Still kicking myself and it’s a year later… Anyways…I gotta figure out how in the hell I’m going to do this monthly…

If I sell my Shitty Ass Firebird for $600.00 …split that off towards an insurance payment…the rest towards Tax and Tags…I’ll be cool with that then…well…atleast a months worth of insurance haha…then $200.00 every week to two weeks, it shouldn’t be so bad. I dunno…either way of doing this bullshit…I’m getting the car… I need something descent and so forth for once.. Damn…this FUCKING SUCKS! $300.00 or so a month just for that… I think it’s time to go back to my old shitty ass job, just to work on the weekends so I can pay off my insurance a month hahaha.

That would be awesome in three ways…gives me more shit to write about on here, I’ll get that extra money a month to put towards my insurance payments…and to be around them girls again… so I can flirt and grab some ass….hahaha….naa jk… Anyways..I gotta get to bed…lata


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