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I figured, fuck it! Why spend $160.00 on a board, when most likely….nobody is going to post anyways. The other free shitty phpBB boards proved that. I mean..I had them up and running and no one was posting, so why should I WASTE $160.00 on an “Owned” vBulletin license then?

I just need ALL the money I can get to put towards my car or insurance or whatever. Anyways..for the people that thought….maybe I was lying about it all…the whole (me getting a vBulletin license and board) I have included screenshots of the Test Board and Good Board I was going to make public then. Running two vBulletin boards on your server is allowed…just as long as you DO NOT make the second one PUBLIC and USABLE BY VISITORS! There is an email at the end of this post as well….that I had sent to vBulletin Headquarters about the whole thing. Here below is the links to the screenshots I took.

And here is the reply I had sent to them regarding my request for a refund and such.

Hello again, 

Thank you so much for doing this. If I decide later or change my mind…atleast I’ll have that money in the paypal account for the purchase. =) I have the board up here at this URL… which I’m taking it down as of this email. I have not made this forum public, no one has joined it or anything. I wouldn’t be deleting it if there was members hehe. =) http://www.vindictivebastard.com/community2/ And the url to the test vb board. http://www.vindictivebastard.com/testboard/ If you’d like more proof then that… I took screenshots of the board up on that url with the url in the address bar…and a screen shot of the test vb board database and vb community board database from the site’s main MYSQL control panel….Well, the testboard was a vb copy to that I had added a theme to and was going to modify, I wanted to see how things worked before adding it to the good one, but I have taken both down and here is the screenshots of the two boards that were up on my domain name, with the url to them in the address bar. Screen shot of the test board. http://www.vindictivebastard.com/testboard.jpg Screen shot of the “good” board. http://www.vindictivebastard.com/screenshotofvbulletin.jpg I hope this will confirm the deletion of the boards. =) Thanks again for doing this for me. And, like I said…if and when I decide to do this again, I will have the money to do so in my paypal account. =) Sincerely,Spencer Passmore psgif180@hotmail.com (PayPal email address.)   

Dear Spencer

Thank you for your e-mail.

We are sorry to hear that you are not getting the intended use from your forumand as such, we would be prepared to make a refund. You will first have to remove the software and confirm that you have done so.

Once you have confirmed that the forum has been removed, I will arrange for the refund. Strictly speaking, the refund should be returned to the origin, but in this case, I will refund it back to your PayPal account.

I trust that this is in order, but should you have any further queries, please let me know.

Kind regards

Ashley Busby
Business Manager, vBulletin

Like I had said to her in my email. If people do want the vBulletin board and to post in it, I could then get it later. I’ll have the money in the PayPal account for a while yet lol. Anyways..I gotta go make another payment on the car… ta ta..Twisted

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