Re: Being single…a transitional phase


The post that I have been waiting for. =)Well, I have been single now for almost a year probably. It’s mostly because of this part here that Graphic Girl has mentioned.

“Some people are single because they are extremely sensitive. They don’t want to be hurt, or they have been hurt to the point where they are disillusioned and no longer trust another. But, time heals.”

While dating and experimenting around from say 18 to 23, it has been nothing but sex really. No “real serious” relationships. This being, because when I had tried getting with someone serious, they ended up cheating on me. I AM very sensitive, and I hate being hurt.

With the relationships from then on out, I have just basically said….this is for sex and nothing more…the females then agreed and it was good. I didn’t get attached or hurt. But, as I got older, I had gotten married..and it was cool while dating, but once we tied the knot, it all went down the toilet. She was ALWAYS miserable…”bitchy” and stuff. I hated it. I wished then I never married her.

There was too many signs of possible cheating going on, on her end. Everyday for, 4 almost 5 years I was hurting, dying inside. We then separated, not long after the separation, she brought around this “new” boyfriend/lover, and I was like O WELL! HE CAN PUT UP WITH YOUR CRAP, I DON’T CARE! About a year after the separation, we finally got divorce. PRAISE THE LORD!

I vowed then to myself…screw it all..I’m not getting with anyone again. I’ll just end up being hurt. But, stupid me, met someone then…we were together about a year. She told me she won’t hurt me and treat me like the wife did, then later on…she was seeming distant, needed space and time to think about stuff because it was confusing. She said it was because of the situation she had while living with this older couple at the moment, but I knew different.

I haven’t heard “jack” from her for a while….called up their house and the lady said, she took off with some guy as far as she knows and didn’t want to come back there again. So once again, I was hurt and dying inside. I’m half afraid to doing anything anymore. I’m tired of the crap, the lies, the bullshit..

Seems like 98% of the females around my area are sluts and or cheaters…and the rest, the “good ones” are all taken. It’s sad, but…what can I do? Nothing… just go to work everyday…spoil myself..and pay the bills. Even the girls or ladies that go to church these days are slutty like lol! I don’t know…I would like to meet someone that is really going to be LOYAL and LOVING. But, I doubt it…atleast not before I turn 80.

Hahaha…. There’s a short and sweet version of my “LOVE LIFE” FROM HELL!! I’m sure you can relate in some way right lmao?! I’m out….bed time..


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