What are you good at?

What you are good at, just don’t mean shit…well at my job any how. As each shitty ass day goes by at my job, I try and figure out…what’s the fucking point of having that spot on the job applications for: What tools are you experienced with? or What have you done in the past?

Supposedly, this section is for the employers to find out what your more experienced with, tool wise and what you have done in the past with other employers…so they can best place you in the place you are applying for.

At the place I’m working at now, I guess this all means shit to them! It’s fucked up! So far, I have been all over the god damn place and usually I get stuck at the SHITTEST PLACES! You know, the places I’m sure as hell not great at. I’m like… PUT ME SOME WHERE THAT REQUIRES POP GUNS, IMPACTS, DRILLS, RIVETS and SUCH! JESUS!

And being that I’m in the “labor-pool”…which means…I’m the “plant whore”! I could be placed any where they choose, even though I hate it to death! It doesn’t matter, I have to go there, it FUCKING SUCKS COCK! It’s like someone waiting for the Jury to give the Verdict.

The bosses need to get their head out of their asses and place people accordingly! Places the people are good at, work wise and tool wise! That’s like saying, Well! I’m good at making wood items and such….then they place you in the fucking metal shop or some shit! WHAT THE HELL!!??

Are you stupid!? What are you smoking!? What ever it is, I want some god damn it! That’s some good shit!! I dunno, I’m thinking about job searching again, fuck it! All these people are quiting left and right because it’s run by a bunch of dumbasses… it’s just fucked up! I’m done with this shit, just like the job lol! I’m out…lata..


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