Did you miss me pricks?

IF NOT, O WELL…FUCK IT! Atleast I was having fun for the past 3 or 4 days! Besides taking a break from the internet over Christmas and shit….I had taken some time off for BEER and “FRIENDS”! It was cool, damn…all that damn drinking and I’m still feeling it! Whoa! I just realized I had a case and a half yet in the trunk of car…oops… hahaha..

I’ll get into that stash later…maybe over New Years weekend or something lol!! Anyways..along with the above bullshit, I’m adding in a quick update…to no real update! LOL! I started using the god damn Fireworks..but, it’s giving me the shits. I’m really in NEED OF PHOTOSHOP 6 again, fuck! I guess I’ll try using Flash MX to work on the images then, o well!

I am going to rush to get caught up though on main site and porn images that was suppose to be done before. The next few days is going to be dedicated to working on the main site and such. I still have off of work until next Monday..which will give me plenty of time to work on the site and shit.

Anyways…I gotta go and install Flash MX again, and get started on the shit. Laterz for now..

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