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I am debating on deleting the Blog totally. I know it helps bring in visitors from search engines and such. But, I am getting sick of the spamming bot bastards and shit. It’s just SAD period! This is one of the main reasons I had deleted the GuestBook. I spent more time deleting spam shit from it then I was enjoying the posts from “real” people.

With the Blog, I’m spending more time in the control panel finding the spammer bot bastard’s bullshit, banning the IP’s, marking their posts as spam and deleting the shit! Lastnight alone I must have had like 30 notifications via email from replies made to my posts, only to find it was all SHIT SPAM!

I was going to wait until I get the new Photoshop downloaded, and make a newer layout before I updated or added more content to the main site. But, I’m going to scratch that idea and just start adding content from the Blog to main site tonight while Photoshop downloads. With my shitty ass dial up connection, it’s going to be a good while till it’s done!

The layout I did start was mostly done with Fireworks 4, and most of the images are saved as (.png) instead of (.gifs) which makes each image file larger then need be. Like I said, I’m not great with Fireworks 4, but I really had no choice. Fuck it.

I’m just going to start gathering the posts from the Blog and add them to the main site as is! Then come back later on and adjust them accordingly! As I do this, the pages will be uploaded and updated! Tonight or early morning, I should have updated a few pages. Most likely the Rants pages! Just thought I’d keep you updated on this. Laterz

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