Just About Given Up…..

I am fucking totally sick of the internet about, I really don’t give a god damn about shit! I’m fucking tired of the fucking popups, ads, spyware bullshit and anything else that fucks up your computer’s life online.

I want to just take all that bullshit and ram it up the fucker’s assholes fucking with me! I’m really tired of it, I really don’t give a damn no more about shit. What should I? Everytime you fucking turn around, you have fucking popups, spyware leeching the shit, or whatever else. Fuck!!

The only thing that comes to mind about it all is: Eminem’s Song “PUKE”! That fits the shit! But only to a degree! “You make me fucking sick to my stomach, you may not think you do, but you do! “

Damn! I love E.M. The Nark post is coming up here soon….fucking sick of fucking narks to…fucking pricks.. later

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