Isn’t It Just Wonderful!!??

I gotta go through like how many god damn BLOG POSTS and delete all the bullshit, by spammer bot bastards!

Jesus fucking christ! I thought it was just bad to deal with spam mail, deleting the extra shit in the INBOX… I can’t even make posts in my damn BLOG without worrying about spammer twats there to!

JESUS!!! I can’t do anything anymore without being bombarded with bullshit! Everyone my as well just stop having online BLOGS, EMAIL, and everything else, because if ya don’t…’ll get nailed with bullshit!

If only I owned the net and everything on it! If I noticed them fuckers fucking with my shit, right off the fucking bat, would be done! They and the business would be DONE, everything bullshit and corruption of other ppl’s PCS would be over with.

I’m fucking sick of it! I’m fucking tired of it! All those bastards would be DEAD or something! It’s time to end it all!! FUCK THEM, FUCK YOU!! FUCK YOURSELF TO HELL FUCKERS!! People like them fuck it up for everyone else that don’t much about computers……. it’s just sad… really it is….laterz

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