[brand new] Inregards to the shitty theme and shoutbox

Just to let people know, the theme is coming along pretty good so far. It’s probably about 98.999999999% done now, just some navigational bullshit to take care of yet and little odds and end things…

But, for the shoutbox, I will be eventually be putting it on “lock down”, because after all, I will be myself if they decide to put me in jail lmaO! Anyways, I will most likely be removing it from the blog, and also not be allowing comments or replies to my posts either.

This is because if I do happen to get jail time, I won’t be able to maintain my email box account and or reply any how to people’s smart assed comments and shit. But this won’t be happening right now, but towards the end of the month.

Just thought I’d let everyone know ahead of time, and if need be I’ll just keep bumping this to the front page. Thanks..


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