[brand new] quick yahoo chat log

Please keep in mind, even though I’m posting the shitty link to the shitty test blog for now, there still needs ALOT done over there. So don’t cream the jeans and shit, thinking that’s what’s going to be used here ok. Anyway, on with the chatlog!

twistedsociety666: YES!! FUCKING HELL YEAH!! The menus are working in both IE and FF thanks to Ainslie! Gave him access to the fuckin control panel n shit..
twistedsociety666: http://www.vindictivebastard.net/blog3/
awan404: lol
awan404: you should release your theme..lol
awan404: its looks good
twistedsociety666: hehe, I ain’t done with the bitch yet, a few more things yet….
twistedsociety666: well it’s like 98.999999999999 and 3/4% done though…
awan404: hahaha!
awan404: the 1/4 will take hell
twistedsociety666: i know, that’s what’s taking me so god damn long now….jesus, damn 1/4%’s n shit
awan404: http://www.vindictivebastard.net/blog3/guestbook/ looks horrible with IE
twistedsociety666: yeah i know, so does the contact page, that’s some of the shit i’m talkin about needs done yet
twistedsociety666: LOL!

Well, I figured fuck it and share a link to the Test Blog. But, alot might change before that actually becomes the main blog’s theme though, just a forwarning. Welp, that’s all, that’s it, no more shit! Later…

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