[brand new] lowster11 blogg – part 2

Since the original Lowster11 Blogg thread at the Word Press forums was closed, BEFORE I could actually throw in my defensive replies to the bawl babies replies…

I figured I’d start up Part 2 of it myself!! Well, it’s going to start off with the last replies, which apparently were posted while I was in bed sleeping and wasn’t online to reply to it at all…

Which pisses me off too, because I hate when people post shit on someone and they don’t have the ability to defend themselves at all.. Well, it’s my turn fuckers..

First reply, then my reply afterwards…

mstegink – @moderator: please close this post, even better, remove it.

spencerp – Yeah, go ahead and delete it or close it, I don’t give a flying fuck! The thread itself wasn’t worth having on there really, and I was just surprised it was brought backup again, so I replied with some of my shit to it. What’s the harm right, fuck it!

Second reply, then my reply afterwards…

whooami – glad to see the other post was moderated. I had to wonder what any of that had to do with wordpress or this thread. Some people have serious issues that are left to be dealt with on their own blog (and yes Im directing that at you, spencer). Havent you exceeded your “im drunk and cant keep my mouth shut so lets go post some more crap on the wordpress support forums” limit?Talk about a troll.

spencerp – Really, I don’t give a fuck if it was moderated. And yes! I know it didn’t have anything to do with that shitty ass thread to begin with. Fuck it! I was just posting some shit to the original shit, fuck it!

And I know what you’re saying about issues that need dealt with on my own blog and shit, and that’s what I’m doing now! Dealing with this shit on my blog.. And I know you were directing towards me, who else would you have been talking about!?

As for the exceeding the drunk limit and posting shit, I wasn’t drunk when I posted that reply and even if I was, who really gives a god damn anyways!?…Jesus Fuck!! I love posting MORE CRAP on the Word Press forums, it kinda brings a little fun and excitement to the Crappy forums…

Not really sure what the “troll” shit has to do with it all, that’s all new to me. Never thought someone can be a “troll” for posting “personal bullshit” in a reply…but, I guess ya learn new shit everyday lmaO! Fuck it.. I could always just STROLL MY TROLL ASS OVER THERE AND THEY CAN LICKY LICK LICK MY HAIRY TROLLISH BALLSACKS! LOL!

Third reply, then my reply afterwards…

podz – Read Here


spencerp – Yeah!? Thanks for closing it, before I had the chance to reply in defense? [claps claps claps] – Gives standing ovation! Thanks!

I know what I posted there, and on my behalf, that thread was brought back up to the front again for nothing really..and that thread itself wasn’t shit to begin with! So what’s the harm if I posted some of my own bullshit in there? [/end of my reply]

Fucking god damn bawl babies and shit these days..I tell ya! [sniffle sniffle] Aww…here’s a fucking tissue!! It will be ok…it will be.. Whatever peoples, and just to be fair like you were to me, comments are going to be turned off on this thread lmaO!!

I’m done with this shit…I’m out..


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