[brand new] i know my posts have been scarce lately..

That’s probably because I’m spending too much time at Porn sites and the WordPress support forums, and not blogging out more stupid ass articles to please your needs..

Anyways, I have also been working at various themes and shit, trying to get the one I plan to use on here done, before or if I go to jail.. Hopefully I will get it done, but I doubt it..what else is knew god damn it?

My “life”, if that’s what you want to call it, sucks donkey dick and sure as hell the relationSHIT part of my “life” sucks them right along with it, my as well not have the Blog the way I want it to, right?

Oh well, fuck it all! I don’t give a shit anymore really. I’m too tired and lazy to even try to keep up with the shitty fast paced “life” and “relationSHIT” part of “life” anymore.. Anyways..I’m done with this shit for now..later..


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