House Arrest Sucks Massive Horse Peckers!

Jesus Fuck! House Arrest sucks massive horse peckers! Here below is why it sucks!

1) I can’t use the fucking internet because it might fuck with the “monitoring box” which is connected to the phone line.

2) I can’t go as far as 50′ feet from the “monitoring box”, which is “OK” I guess, but fuck it!

3) It just sucks!

Here below are some good things about it though.

1) I get three lousy fucking god damn days a week to go “Job Seeking”, from 10am to 3pm.

2) While I’m fucking “Job Seeking”, I get to use the internet!

3) I have SO MUCH more time to wack it and smack it, then I ever did before!

Well, that’s about it for now god damn it! I gotta get back to shitty “Job Seeking” LOL!


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