More shitty pointless articles coming soon..

I plan to post some newer articles and shit pretty soon. My plan is to write them all up on my LocalHost version of the Blog and then copy/paste them right into here.

This way I won’t have to be online, and have a chance of getting bitched at by my probation officer for not following his shitty rules. I also hope to get that theme done, I have been working on for some time now.

Along with all that shit, I’m also planning on starting up a Porn Blog maybe or something. Just not sure yet, but I’m still getting TONS of hits in on the old Porn Gallery images and links it’s not even funny.

I guess I might just setup a Porn Blog in the same spot that the Photo Gallery was in, that way people won’t be deprived of porn lmao!! I dunno…it’s still up in the air though.. Just thought I’d post the latest thoughts and news here quick.. I’m done, later..


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