Changes will be made soon..

Just to let everyone know ahead of time, I’m going to be making ALOT of changes on here. Here below is what’s in store for the upcoming few days.

1) I’m planning on removing the “Print Article” plugin/option from the blog. I’m really not going to need that at all. I’m really only getting more headaches from it, then anything else.

I believe most of the problem is the “permalink” structure I’m using, but still, I really don’t think my visitors, or me for that matter…will be needing it.

2) Sometime here, in the next couple of days, I’m going to be switching to another theme. I’m really getting sick of this one now. Once I get the theme ready for the plugins I’m using, then I’ll switch it.

3) The “Archives” page will be re-done. Don’t get me wrong, I like the layout of it, but, I think this new plugin will be alot more better…

4) Some plugins that I have, might be removed and no longer used. I’m still up in the air on this though.. so stay tuned for updates on them.

5) Between the time of me switching themes, I might also change some shit around on this theme as well. Besides removing all the FONT tags within the posts, I have also tried to remove all of my “signature” name from the end of the posts.

Instead of having or needing, I removed my username: Twisted from the very end of the posts, because I’m planning on having a “Posted By” section right under the post’s title.

Well, I guess that about “wraps” this post up for now. Like always, I’ll keep you updated….later for now ppls.

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