Every man’s dream bathroom..

This is what we need in all the men’s restrooms across the world..

And I mean, any where from Mc Dumbass Donalds to the “Out House” near the barn..

Wouldn’t it be fucking awesome to go to the bathroom every day, and see all those pictures of women looking back at you? I think it would!!

However though, I’d prolly spend more time in there wacking it, smacking it and attacking it…then I would be pissing, but that’s just me I guess..

I mean shit, just the woman’s picture to the far right side would make me wanna get the oil out to wack it and smack it… LOL!! I know if I was eating at Mc Dumbass Donalds, I would just take my Mc Shitty Meal to the restroom and eat it …

However, if I was a farmer working on *a* farm, I would just spend all god damn day in the “Out House” wacking it and smacking it infront of those chick pics lmaO!!

I dunno though, what would you do? And,.. wouldn’t you like to see that in every man’s restroom? Hell yeah you would!! I know I would LOL!!

P.S. This picture was found in one of GotreK’s Flickr picture sets. Where I must tell ya, she has ALOT of nice pictures of herself lol!! HOT HOT HOT!! Prewarning though, it’s [NSFW]!

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