Yeah, I know this looks like shit..

Like I have said numerous of times before, this current theme I’m using is a piece of shit.. I mean for Christ’s Sakes, the god damn <h2>’s on this theme in IE6 are displayed so BIG that even the blind can read it!!

(Yeah, I know…if I really wanted to, I could just edit the CSS file and make the adjustments… Fuck that..I’m just doing up another whole theme for it… don’t like it, lick my nuts.. I actually have it fixed on the version, I’m just too lazy to fix it up on the “live” version lol!! )

I’m also getting tired of seeing the stupid ass header in and day out… Just the theme itself is getting tiresome. Well, that’s going to change here soon, well hopefully soon..

I’m still working on the theme on the, using Xammp Lite, and I’m just implementing the theme around a current copy of the online blog, except it’s on the (offline).. This way it will be easier on me to do adjust things and see how things will look at the time.

It’s coming along pretty good I think.. only real problem I have is, coming up with a “logo”, and making it look nice.. Being that I don’t have Photoshop no more, and I’m stuck using shitty Forrest make images with.

Oh well, fuck it. It still should be atleast 9 times better then this one lmao!! I’ll keep you updated on it from time to time… That’s all, that’s it, no more shit.

P.S. Time to get back at working on the new theme and checking out this HOT chick’s pics! Hey..they motivate me hehe.. (And no…not that one I mentioned about it in the last post..) This one tops them all!

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