Changing the Permalink structure, should I.. I dunno yet..

I’m kinda thinking about changing my permalink structure, which I need to give Sean Hayford O’Leary the thanks, for suggesting on Google Talkicon_smile-5917473

What he had suggested to me, was, instead of having my Article URL’s ending with the .htm, they could end with numbers.

This way it would be a little easier on the “visitors”, or anyone that wants to type in a straight shot URL to a post of mine.. Rather then having them remember all the words in an Article’s title..

Examples are as such:


The only problem however, which he also mentioned, was having to add hundreds of possible redirects in the .htaccess file.. so anyone that has my Article’s bookmarked maybe, or linked to from their own blog’s.. they wouldn’t be lost, because of the permalink structure changes.

I’m still up in the air on this though, but, I really wouldn’t mind changing the permalink structure around. I guess I’ll just have to think about it some more and then let everyone know of the changes.. Keep checking in for updates.. 😉

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