My room, my thumps..

Ok, I just have to share these pictures with you all! Below are five half descent digital camera shots of my room.

Also included is the stereo and speakers that I have, which is thumping constantly like a mini club system lol! Every night I listen to my favorite radio station Variety 97.7, because it motivates me.

Or, in my case, it’s 99.7, because it comes in clearer.. it’s a shame though, because I live like 20 minutes from the Radio station, but I have to fight with the antenna, so it comes in good.

And, go figure.. my room is closest to the radio station also, but.. down the hall, on opposite side of house, in the bathroom, it’s clear, downstairs infront room.. it’s clear. Freaking pisses me off! Oh’s working ok now lol.

(Please note: To view a bigger version of the image, please click on the smaller images.)

Room 1
Room 2
Room 3
Room 4

Just a shot with the speaker cover off of it lol.

I hope you like, I sure as hell do lol! Later ppls..

P.S. You can see what type of songs play on there, by viewing the Top 10 songs played, in the center of their home page. They also broadcast all over the globe, on certain nights.. you might actually be listening to it now.. who knows lol!

I’m listening to John Garabedian’s – Open House Party! right at the moment!

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