Marriage = Jackshit!

I’m sure as hell not an “old-timer”, but, this is so true it’s not even funny anymore.

Nowadays, when someone wants to get “married”, they really mean, they want to be Boyfriend and Girlfriend. It’s just *not* like it used to be back in the day, meaning, when my grandparents were married and such.

Back then, they actually married because they *really* loved each other, *really* respected each other, and *really* stuck together until the “Death Do Us Part” shit actually happened!

These days, people get married today and divorced tomorrow, like a fad that just came in, and then went out over night! What the fuck people!? Why even bother getting married anymore, Jesus Christ!?

Here below is a small list on why “Marriage = Jackshit”.

1) About 78% of the time, either the hubby or the wife will cheat on their spouse, and not give two shits in the wind about it.

2) While one of the spouses are trying their hardest to put 100% into the marriage, the other spouse is only trying to put 1% into it.. which doesn’t mean shit, and doesn’t help the marriage for a shit!

3) The lack of communication, is usually, always, present in a marriage. While there is a lack of communication in a marriage, how in the hell is anything supposed to work, get done, get accomplished, or anything else for that matter?

My as well just buy a love doll and be done with it, you can fuck the shit out of it all day long, and not have to talk at all!

However, in most of my cases, when ever I was *trying* to communicate with my “lover”, it actually turned out to be the wall… but I’m not going to complain, the wall and I had some pretty good conversations going..

4) Numerous of times, the marriages are just based on sex.. fucking 7 times a day is awesome! However..when that’s all the marriage is based on.. you my as well flush the marriage license down the toilet with the rest of shit!

Because that’s where the marriage is heading anyway..

5) Incompatible “lovers” is another reason why marriages suck ass! It might be all fine and dandy while in the “dating stage” of it.. but, after being married for a while …have the first kid.. then it just starts going down the toilet.. Oh well.. fuck it! What else is new lol!

Well, that’s all I can come up with for now.. this article has been sitting on the back burner for almost three months now lol.. I just had to publish it.

I know there might be someone posting replies to the affect of, “well, that’s not entirely true”, or.. “My marriage is wonderful and strong, it’s been going on for years and years..”

I personally don’t give a flying fuck, I seriously don’t care how wonderful your marriage is.. or.. about marriage statistics. This article was written for mere sarcasm and to be funny.. can’t handle that, could always just fuck off!

I’m done with this for now.. tata peoples..

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