It has come to my attention tonight, that..

Some cultures just don’t allow unwed couples to live together.. Well, suck my dick black, and my balls blue, because I didn’t really know that, until tonight..

I mean, don’t get me wrong though…unless you’re married, it’s “technically” wrong to live together unwed. Well, it seems to be that “way” though..for most cultures.. I dunno, fuck it.

Anyway, speaking for the U.S.A.. the “way” of doing things proper..basically just went down the toilet.. Over here in “who give’s a flying fuck land”.. people will do whatever they want, when ever they want.. and don’t think twice about doing it either..

Here below is an example of what I’m talking about..

1) Here in the wonderful “Land Of Who Give’s A Shit”.. people just meet, have sex, have kids, and stuff.. like it’s a fad…

Like this: Hi There! My name is Billy Bo Bob On The Knob… what’s your’s? [She replies:] Jen.. [Billy says:] Oh Hi Jen!… now that we know each other…. lets fuck, and live together…!? [Jen replies:] OK!!…SURE!!

I dunno about the U.S.A anymore.. but, I know for a fact that God didn’t make toilet tissue big enough to wipe the shit off America’s ass though..

However, rather then wasting his energy wiping the U.S.A’s ass, I think he’ll just flush “US” down the fucking toilet with the rest of the shit closed.

I’m done with this…I got better things to do tomorrow.. like, finding someone to fuck, and move in with..hahaha..nah, just kidding!! Later peoples..

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