Yahoo’s matches by email, wtf Yahoo!?

Like I said numerous of times before, the chicks in my shitty State of Pennsylvania,…ARE NOT, all that great looking!! And the possibility of finding someone, is slim to nothing. Well, you be the “judge” lol!! Take a gander at the screen shot below here..

(Click the smaller image below here, to see the rest of them, and a bigger version of the screen shot.)

Yahoo Matches By Email- Small

Come on Yahoo!! Either force people to upload their self pictures, or delete their shitty accounts!! It isn’t that hard, is it? I mean shit, if you click on the smaller image above and go to view the bigger one, you’ll see that just a little under half of them, don’t have their shitty self pictures uploaded..

Besides all that, a little more then half of those that have images uploaded, are god damn dogs!! Jesus Christ people…see what I’m talking about now? Finding someone descent looking, and even a generally “good” person, is like finding a needle in a hay stack for Christ’s sakes..

I know I might live in the country, on an “old” farm, and have enough land for pigs, dogs, cows and such animals,.. but…that doesn’t mean I want any, or NEED any for that matter!! Thanks for nothing Yahoo!! You can go ahead and keep the barn yard animals.. I’ll just pack up and move to another location, or State even… I’ve been seriously thinking about it too.. Fuck it! I’m done with this shit! Tata!!

P.S. Yes, I know…the ones that don’t have their shitty self pictures uploaded, probably don’t have a way to upload it onto their shitty computers or something..

Yeah, come up with another excuse..I mean shit, if they have a PC, or access to one, then they should or would also have some brains, to find away to get them uploaded onto their PC’s.

Oh well…fuck it! 99% of the time, they probably just won’t get hit on!! And even IF they did get hit on, they’re still fat fucking whore bag bitches from fatty filled hell!! It’s their loss lmao!! (Please note: This was posted a good while ago.. it’s NOT NEW!!)

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