I wrote an update on Collegehumor.com an hour ago..

Yeah, so, I’ve had a link exchange with Collegehumor.com for a few good years now…

And figured, fuck it, I my as well give a little something back to them, besides just sending them “hits”. So, about two hours ago I joined their site, and then wrote an Update on their site.

Yeah, so I used one of my own articles, fuck it! I know it’s not the greatest one ever, but shit, at least it’s something that everyone deals with in their shitty life, and that’s shitty relationshits, I mean.. relationships..

Hopefully sometime today, or, tomorrow, it lands on their home page. But, I guess it’s just wishful thinking. Anyway, wish me luck! Now I must go, and do shitty community service this morning.. tata!!

UPDATE: Just found out now, because stupid me didn’t read the FAQ on submitting Updates LOL!.. that, you’ll have to write up a few updates first, and if the folks that go through them, reviewing them (your writing(s) .. like them, “they” will then convince the Admins of Collegehumor.com to add your writings on the front page of Collegehumor.com..

Looks like I better get writing, eh? And I guess the best thing to do is, NOT use articles from the VB blog lmao!

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