The new theme has been uploaded..

And has also been applied! Please note and remember!! There is still some little quirks, and odds and end things that need done yet!!

Also, please check out the new SITE NEWS section!! You can find the button for that, underneath the main top navigational menu… Just click on the that, and it will drop down an information box, containing any NEW site news posts, which will be made by me only!!

Such posts will be important informations regarding the site, any possible changes, and what not. I’m doing it this way, to help keep from cluttering the main blog’s posting section, with shitty Site issue related posts! I’m posting this one though, to the “Latest News” section, and the new “Site News” section… Just so folks know, what is going on, and where the newest SITE NEWS feature is at!

Before I forget, there is a little kink when clicking on the Search button in top navigation menu! It’s nothing big really, it just gives a little tiny scroll bar action in the bottom of the FireFox browser, once clicked on… It doesn’t last though, just a mere couple seconds, but, it’s still annoying!

I still have TONS of shit double check up on, and fix!! If you happen to find anything, please let me know! Anyway, I hope you like this new theme, better then the old shitty one!! I would have had it up sooner, except my one princess hit me up on Live Messenger, because she needed me to get her off! She just loves web-caming with me, and for me to cybersex to her…

Hey! I can’t help it, I’m just awesome like that! Anyway, that’s why the theme wasn’t uploaded sooner! Aight folks, I’m going on 3 days without sleep, because I was working on this damn theme, and other various things.. I’m out! Later!

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