Made some theme changes…

UPDATE: Fuck it! I’ve decided to put the “Asshole’s Online” back on the sidebar, I even put it up top of everything else. :lol:

I decided to make some theme changes, nothing major of course. Ok here goes, rather then showing all of the Categories on the front page, I went ahead and installed the Zelig Dropdown Cats v1.4 plugin.

I removed the “Asshole’s Online” display for the sidebar. Please remember though, you can access that page via the top navigation menu button called “Useronline”. Which points here.

I have also up-ed the amount of posts to display for the “Latest Posts” and “Latest Comments” to 15, instead of 10. I did this to help maybe concentrate a lot of the focus on the posts, rather then the less important bullshit! That’s all, that’s it, no more shit! Tata!!

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