The theme and the tags…

Since the WP developers have integrated the “Tags/Tagging” feature into WP 2.2-bleeding core now, I adjusted the’s theme to handle the WP default tags.

In order to do this, I’ve imported the UTW plugin tags over to the WP database table for tags, then manually had to adjust TONS of posts to make it just right.

Of course, this wouldn’t happen on a fresh install of WP 2.2-bleeding and starting fresh with “tags”. And it also wouldn’t happen if you weren’t running the UTW plugin from get!

From now on, this is regarding my blog authors especially… You can add the tags under the WRITE POST window box itself. You’ll just have to: type them in, and separate each tag with a comma.

Check screen shot below here for an example!

P.S. Oh, I forgot to mention how awesome my theme and I are… Oh well, you all knew that anyway so… :lol:

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