m1ke_sup3rstar must be gay!

Like I was saying in my previous post. I think it’s bullshit that people want me to add them to my Contacts list and then don’t respond back to me…

Take this “m1ke_sup3rstar” for example…
m1ke_sup3rstar is a gay homosexual chasing men online!

I tried on various occasions to see “who they” are, what “they” wanted, and etc etc… YET NOTHING!

Well, take a gander at the Chat Screen shot image below here, you’ll see what I mean. (You know he noticed me talking to him. If he hadn’t, his picture wouldn’t have loaded for the avatar…)

(click on this image to see larger version.)

Don’t let the *Laura* in by his name fool you, he’s really a gay homosexual that likes chasing men online…

Well, there you have it! m1ke_sup3rstar is really a gay homosexual chasing men online. Everyone send him an email and tell him he’s a gay homosexual faggot.

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