Ladies Be Warned!

This is some ladies Bash on, that I had commented on.

Hick Loser!

“James has previously been convicted of several felony counts of forgery and swindle (you can see for yourself at He is also currently being charged with more forgery charges. He lied to me and used me and many other people as well. I think it is only fair to warn everyone I possibly can to make certain you check into him before you believe any words that come out of his mouth.”

I’m surprised he was even ABLE to use anyone the way he looks… He looks like a wanna-be cool normal person, but really he an ugly ass hick motherfucker, that I’m sure can’t get a normal decent chick creaming the jeans…

I can only picture him out with the horses sucking them off, cause his fat hick sister ain’t putting out for him… His bucktooth Aunt or Mother might, but sister doesn’t.. WOW, I can’t see how any smart person could have gotten played / used / swindled out of money… just look at his moon crater face there… Jesus Fuck!

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