After first hearing about my buddies new site I-Am-Mean.com, while he was in the process of coming up with the domain name and the thought behind. I was still intrigued.

To me, it’s a place to go to unleash your deepest mean things you’ve done in life. I see it as an online confession session, where you don’t have to hide the things you’ve done wrong. You can post it as anonymous or as yourself.

Like any other site, you’re bound to have the critics and bitches bitching up storms about what you’ve done. But, that’s always going to happen anyway! No one is perfect, no one is God, no one is 100% decent in life.

His site is only 2 months old, and he’s already had the following media exposure:

– 7 Radio stations.
– 1 TV station.
– 7 websites.

It’s worth the look! Go ahead and check out I-Am-Mean.com!

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