Hello my new frend!!! (this not spam)

Riiight, not spam… suuuure… Can’t spell “friend”, and emphasize the fact that it’s NOT spam in your subject line… It’s a dead give away you foreign whorebag. Me sorry, but me not gonna fall 4 u and this shit!

Hello my new frend!!!
My name Victoriya. Me 24 years. I – saw your profile on othersingles.com and i interesting corresponder with You.
I romantic, good, sensitive, intellectual, reliable girl. I search for, which – that special to be its partner. You should be an artist, in in your shower. But I search only serious relations, I am killed already simply by morons which would want only chance photo that masturbated on it!!! If you such. Then please at all do not answer me. The Harmony, understanding and confidence also much it is important.
If You interesting corresponder with me also. You can write in my email
:viktoriya2424@gmail.com. I so regret, but I have no any photo for my profile now. And if You answer me
viktoriya2424@gmail.com then I – send You certain mine photo and dialect more about me directly. With best

You’re just an overseas (my guess is Russia) whore and slut, and are willing to TRY and sucker the first American dumb fuck male (not me) that answers your shitty grammatical error filled email! I’m sorry bitch, but keep stepping!

EVEN IF you look like this….

Russian Whore Bag By Mail Bitch!

You’re still a dumb-fuck whore bag bitch, that can’t spell for a shit, and from what I am seeing, you’re the only moron! Why? Because Othersingles.com has gone down months ago! I don’t even have a profile there no more bitch! Keep stepping! Keep on Russian someone else to get with you, cause it ain’t gonna be me! Wha Wha Wheee!

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