Every road and street should have 4 lanes, instead of just 2.

Know what pisses me off? Besides the dumb fucks that have to buy damn lottery tickets just as you walk into the store to buy something fast and get the fuck out of the store…

It’s the asshole slow drivers that come out of no where, just as you’re in a hurry to get some where important. It never fails, all day long them slow fuck drivers can be at the house, or still in the store buying lottery tickets, but just as YOU are about to leave for some where important and in a hurry, they all come out…

Now, if I had my license and it wasn’t suspended… I’d just pass them slow fucks on the shoulder like I always did before… fuck it! But, since I can’t drive yet for a while… I just gotta suffer in the passenger seat of my grandparent’s car, which of course they are slow ass drivers themselves.

Anyway, they should make TWO LANES PER EACH SIDE OF A ROAD. No matter where the road is, make roads and streets four lanes instead of two! That way we could pass all the slow ass motherfuckers no matter where we are! And all them “Sunday driving” bastards can eat the dust, and Amish horse, horse shit…

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