The summer heat…

The quick and simple way to lose that extra meat!

Unlike most normal folks out there, ya know… those with money that can afford air conditioners and shit… If you a broke dick, cheap bastard like myself, you can’t afford those wonderful things like everyone else does…

Cheap bastards like me just learn to live with it, and have to suffer with the unbearable summer heat. I mean, even IF you shaved all the hair off your body, went around naked in the house, and turned fans on… you’re still gonna end up losing the pounds by the hour / day and still feel like a Jew in an Incinerator (oven).

Hey, one good thing at least… Once ya FINALLY make it to Hell with your daddy Satan, you’ll be used to the heat. That, and you’ll be reunited with your family again, like one huge happy family reunion! Skinny as hell too, not to mention hairless, if you shaved all the hair off your body! Either way, it’d be burnt off in Hell anyway when ya got there…so fuck it.

Not to mention, you’ll be looking nice for that reunion. So fat bastards, and anyone else… if you wanna lose that extra meat the cheap affordable way, get naked, lose the air conditioners, and shave off all that hair… Free ball it bastards!

Anyway, I gotta get back on the scale again… I think I lost another 2 pounds typing this post out in my Incinerator… I mean, the oven… tata!

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