Young Bucks getting with the Old Fucks…a new fad?

I’m not sure, but I must say, lately… it seems like ALOT more people around my age (25 to 35) are going for the old fucks. I’m not sure WHY or for WHAT reason, but it just seems to be happening ALOT lately.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but for some of the young bucks choices, Oh my fucking god… barf city. There’s a few other people I know, that I THINK / BELIEVE are tampering with the old dick or clit, but I ain’t going to say shit about it now.

Hell, I even have YOUNGER chicks wanting me, and I’m 32. So yeah, there again the young bucks are chasing the old fucks… I ain’t THAT old god damn it, shut the fuck up. I may be 32 but I look 23… wheeeeee! Now, where’s my next soon to be lover… oh yeah, that’s right… I gotta wait a few more years… Anyway, I’m out for the night… tata…

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