Prepare for changes…

I’ve been thinking long and hard lately, and I’ve come to conclusion to start over again fresh, with new content and domain name.

However, the downsides are the following:

  1. No other writers but me.
  2. No more drama bullshit.
  3. Older posts of mine are going to be gone, totally, and are never coming back.
  4. The use of swear words will be moderate.

With these changes coming soon, I’d like to ask the other authors to get ahold of me regarding their posts. I don’t want to remove their posts without their permission.

As for the Vindictive Bastard domains, they will be used as redirects to the new domain. I intend to have only ONE domain name from now on. All my other ones, including these vindictivebastard ones will be redirects to the new one.

I’m tired of maintaining so many domains and blogs. I just don’t have the time for it anymore. I also just want to have one site that best fits and suits ME, as I am. My wonderful personality will never die of course…nor will my general attitude. I mean, after all, if that happened, I wouldn’t be ME. Wheeee…

Anyway, this decision has been on my mind for the longest time now. And with everyone else being too busy to post, and or hanging up their gloves. I figured, what better time to change my “ways” as well. I’ll keep everyone posted as things progress.

Again, other authors let me know what you want done with your posts. Keep em or heap em? If you want to keep them, login and copy what you want and save em to text files or something. If you want them trashed, just let me know. Aight, I’m off to handle business…

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