The perfect “Girlfriend”, every man knows it’s true too!

How can a man deny that a love doll like her above, couldn’t be the perfect “Girlfriend” for them? I mean seriously, here below is WHY they can’t deny she’d be the perfect girlfriend…

1.) She ain’t going to be a nagging bitch, she’ll keep her fucking mouth shut and take it like the little whore she is… And! You don’t have to worry about her complaining on your man size to any other chick. She’ll take you as you are, and be happy with you! She ain’t going to lie and go behind your back, giggling and making fun of your pleasure palace size or thickness to other nasty slutty whore-bag bitches..

2.) They only have to “buy her love” once, once a receipt is given at the cash register, then it’s done. No more money needs to be invested into the “Rubbermaid” bitch. She’s already built to perfection, and won’t need hair care products, nail polish, she ain’t going to need shoes, nor fed. She’s perfect how she is out of the box, and all at one low price! Drop pants, shove in your cock, cum, and done.

3.) Look at them tits! They’re fucking huge! Mmm, I’m getting horny over her sitting there, teasing me with them big titties. I just want to titty fuck them and cum all over her face! Hell, she won’t care, and she sure as hell ain’t going to complain… “Oh you bastard, you shot a load in my eye!” … Fucking bitch can’t speak, no complaints to worry about at all!

There you have it dumb fucks! The perfect girlfriend!

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