Telemarketers and various tech support fuck-twats…

One of the worst things about calling up for tech support regarding an issue about any product you might have purchased, for example; Verizon DSL High Speed, or what-not. Is that most of the tech support representatives are fucking foreign fucks from India, or some other damn over-seas Country…And you never know what the fuck they’re saying, until after 20 minutes asking … “Wait, what? What did you say? Can you repeat that?

The same goes for damn telemarketers from “Bum Fuck Egypt” some where, while getting nailed by a donkey. I’m not racist at all though, but if you’re living in the shitty U.S.A, and doing these jobs, please fucking speak our native language… English!

Why should we learn your language? If you’re here, or standing behind an American company, geared towards English speaking folks, then it would be easier for you to speak our language, and speak so we can understand your damn ass. I’m quite sure our phone calls wouldn’t be more than 30 to 60 minutes long, had you spoke English clearly and not some gibberish bullshit.

Me: What? What the fuck you saying bitch?

Foreign Fuck Tech Support Person: Ing Chang Cho… Baljskdjflkdjflksdjflkd

Me: *Click, click.. Dial tone…* Fucking damn foreign fucks… *Redials again, in hopes of getting an English speaking person… *

Me: Thank God! You’re speaking English!! (Rest of conversation runs smoothly from here out, and gets handled in less time.)

If you can’t speak English, don’t be here in the shitty U.S.A or don’t stand behind an American company… it’s simple. I’m done with this bullshit…

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