Backstabbers and shit talkers….

They can lick my nuts and fuck off. They too pussy to talk directly to me, they gotta talk their shit smack talk to others… They can’t talk to me directly, they’re pussy. I hate them, I hate you too! Wanna be punks and dissers. Talk to me, not behind my back… Cowards. I’ll level your ass…from the word “get”. Let the games begin bitches. I’ll make it news, you pansy fucks.

A note to friends, watch out who you’re friends with. They’ll be there to back-stab and talk shit on you. They’re not “friends”. All these “friends” you claim to have, are bullshitters. They’re there to “help” once and while, other wise they’re awol and shit talking on you. They’re really not “friends”. All these wanna be “Friends” can go fuck themselves to hell and back, because honestly, I don’t need them nor want them. Fucking Pansy motherfucker narcs, fuck em.

Fuck narcs, and fuck all those that shit talk on you for no reason. They’re pussies, and can’t handle truth. I’m done with this shit…

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