Summer Time…

Ah yes, the time for spending time with family you don’t really give a shit about anyway, and you gotta do things you don’t wanna do… Not to mention having to do more work around the house that you rather not do, and last but not least, family reunion picnics and shit.

It’s the season of the workers, it’s the season that separates the lazies from the doers. God I love summer, but fuck do I hate to work all the time. I’m far from being Mr. Fatness, but … I’m still just Mr. Lazy Fuck. If the economy wasn’t so shitty, and I could actually get a job again, I’d be doing stuff for money. But why bother?

Then employers wonder why, they get shitty and lazy workers? Come on! You’re setting the example yourselves!! You lazy fucks! Let’s face it though, most are lazy through any season! But the bottom line is, employers are more lazy then the workers they hire to start with! They’re fucking hypocrites! God Damn Motherfuckers!

Fuck the Govt, fuck Obama, fuck employers, fuck Obama’s Health Care shit, fuck summer, fuck insurance, fuck internet bullshit, fuck freelancing (you’re screwed anyway), fuck anything you know, fuck anything you don’t know but want too, fuck the economy, fuck schooling, fuck parents, fuck grandparents, fuck “friends”, fuck slanderous bitches (making shit up, blaming you for doing something you ain’t done), fuck the seasons and the changes, fuck it all! Just wait till the shit hits the fan, then fuck that too. Boo Hoo. I’m out.

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