Jordanraine the ass pain…

I actually wanted to forgive this bitch and not say a word about her. But I can’t help it. It just has to be said…

She’s a loser, low life bitch, that’s apparently not happy with her with boyfriend, she’s out looking for dick. It’s one thing to claim you’re fine and dandy with who you got, then to flip it and not be it. You called me names, you claim me to be bi-polar, and I’m not. You are!

I’m surprised you have so many twitter followers though, you treat them like shit, bitch, moan, groan, and complain… picking fits and bitching. I’m surprised you have many friends at all. Most claim you to look like a wet dog; attractive. Some poor sopping soak dog bitch that’s been weather torn. You’re a sour cunt bitch, that doesn’t deserve friends. You just need to lay in a coffin some where and rot.

You claimed and slandered me to hack your shitty ass lastfm account a few weeks ago, and I’m sorry cunt. I don’t hack, nor do I know how to. It’s also sweet that you call me idiot in the same sentence that you’re claiming me smart enough to hack your shit… I told you I wouldn’t do anything that nasty to you if I tried. You still left up your slanderous shit against me, you went out on the limb to make me look bad on a message board staff forum. Where I didn’t have access to at all, I couldn’t defend myself bitch.

It’s always nice these coward, liar hypocrite fucks can speak so much, where’s a damn mirror when we need it? I wasn’t even online at the time you were hacked, nor was I around the forums when ever you claimed me to be doing wrong. You’re a paranoid bitch, and I’m surprised your BF hasn’t left you already. No wonder you’re looking though, you must have a feeling he’ll leave you for your bitch-ness.

It’s pretty pathetic as well, cause she’s “friends” with old drama whore “Jenn”. They all run in packs. All them unhappily married or taken drama fucks that only has one thing better to do, and that’s to stir up drama. They’re all sour cunts. Plain and simple. Spread your shit words like a virus cunt, that’s what you all do best. In the end, you’ll lose the rest.

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